SVCell is a new, next generation bio-application platform for quantitative microscopy image analysis. SVCell is comprised of a suite of application-oriented image analysis analytics, called recipes, which can be used by scientists to quantify challenging image sequences from cutting-edge, live cell experiments.

SVCell’s patented recipe interface gives you a comprehensive application-oriented toolkit in an easy-to-learn format. The one click recipes can be used off-the-shelf to generate results from your live cell experimental data automatically, or updated in a step-by-step fashion to achieve greater accuracy without needing custom macros or scripts. In addition, SVCell provides teach-by-example detection tools that allow you to greatly extend the recipes for your unique images, as well as adapt to your future research needs.

Live Cell Analysis

Excellent Functions for Live Cell Analysis

Quantitative microscopy for live cell experiments introduces new challenges. SVCell makes live cell image analysis possible with advanced image analysis and tracking tools for quantifying your images.

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Discovery-Driven User Interface

SVCell’s user interface (UI) is tailored for quantitative, time-lapse image analysis. Use data to drive scientific discovery and quality control. Spend more time on your science, and less time extracting the data.

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Particle Tracking

Particle Tracking Recipe

Intracellular dynamics is the key to understanding cell functions. The Particle Tracking recipe tracks the complex motion of subcellular particles in time-lapse image sequences.

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Cell or Nuclei Lineage Tracking

SVCell’s Cell and Nuclei Tracking Recipes come with a Lineage Tracking capability that automatically keeps track of division events and populates a lineage tree. A specialized lineage chart and lineage track overlays allow you to efficiently explore your cells’ genealogy.

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Soft Matching

Soft Matching

Unlike conventional approaches that apply sequential image processing filters, Soft Matching learns your specification of image patterns for enhancement or suppression, generating a transformed image that can be easily segmented.

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Cell, Nuclei and Particle Tracking

SVCell offers best-class-tracking algorithms developed over many years with world class collaborators in NIH funded projects. Using SVCell’s step-by-step recipe console, it is easy to customize the detection to get the best tracking performance. SVCell offers three types of tracking, as well as a lineage tracking capability.

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