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CQ uniquely provides an easy-to-use recipe update interface that can achieve good results without image processing knowledge. This is because we have married next generation technologies with image processing know-how, and put it together in an easy-to-learn package tailored for live-cell applications.

Step by step recipe interface

Step-by-Step Recipe Update

Get your work done quickly using SVCell’s step-by-step recipe execution, parameter update and in-line mask and track editing. These features allow you to rapidly tailor the recipe for your needs and achieve your experimental result at the same time. Processing functions are arranged in two tiers (basic and advanced), so you can easily switch to advanced functions for challenging images.

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Soft Matching

Recipe Extension by Teaching

SVCell recipes can be tailored and even extended using our teachable image recognition technologies. This allows you modify the recipe for your unique data sets, and allows the tool to adapt to your future research needs.

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