Image Analysis is No Longer Just for Experts

See how SVCell RS provides expert image analysis results for users with no image processing experience. Download a free trial today.

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For Windows 7 (64-bit) or later

Why SVCell RS is Better

SVCell RS can get you from images to quality results quickly and easily. Here are some key features only available in SVCell RS.

recipeDriven_iconRecipe-DrivenSVCell RS’s recipes provide just the right tools for your time-lapse analyses. No complicated toolboxes to learn, no programming required. progressiveRefinement_iconProgressive RefinementPreset analysis levels for quick results. Recipe update for improved results. Smart Editing for near-perfect results. incrementalApply_iconFrame-By-Frame AnalysisSVCell RS’s Frame-by-Frame Analysis coupled with continuous charting allows for monitoring and incremental updating.

Discover SVCell RS

The technologies behind SVCell RS draw on decades of experience. The company has received more than US$6 million in funding via NIH grants and holds over 40 patents. Discover how SVCell RS can help you get results quickly, so you can focus on the science.

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